Covid - 19 vaccines available at 10 am on 2/25/2021

Appointments will close sharply at 2pm. 

These are appointments for the day of Friday 2/26/2021

Thank you

COVID Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vaccine do you have? How much does it cost?
We have the Moderna vaccine. We charge a $20 administration fee that your insurance may cover.

Who is currently eligible?
We are currently vaccinating healthcare workers and patients over 65. Please wait until the next phase if you have only intermittent contact with a patient over 65.

Why haven't you called me back?
We have a massive list to call back on. It will take time. Please make sure you do not have any call blockers enabled. Be aware that our phone number commonly shows up as Unadilla Drug Co and uncommonly has been reported to show up under various names depending on your phone carrier. *Like* our facebook page at to receive notifications when we update.

I really need this vaccine because.... Can I be prioritized?
We do not discriminate between patients and cannot prioritize a certain group. As long as you meet the requirements, you are eligible for a vaccine. 

When can I register?
We release a certain number of vaccine registration slots at 6:00pm if they are available. You will select a time slot and enter your information. Multiple people can select a slot before it is finalized, so please make sure you enter your information quickly. If your selected slot is taken, please try again.

How many vaccines are you getting?
We cannot provide this answer. We sometimes don't know until the package arrives. We must also account for the second dose of the vaccine and various other factors.


Can I just call and make an appointment?

You can certainly be added to a waiting list. We ask that you only use this option if you are not internet-proficient. This call list currently has over 300 entries and we are working to fairly allocate a certain number with every wave of appointments.

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